Gr8events make gr8 proud parents

About a 3 weeks ago Mya, 11 decided right out of the blue that she would give a triathlon a go.   Gr8events were hosting an age grouped event on closed roads so we let the training begin!   Mya does like a challenge and completed the park run not so long ago, and has been able to swim quite well for some time – cycling however was not really her thing.

We did a few sessions and took her swim time for the 200m to be around 5:30 plus a few bike to run sessions and got used to the “Jelly leg” feeling.   On the morning we went through the what to wear, when to put it on etc.  Mya decided that gloves, shorts and socks  were all necessary items.

Setting up in transition was challenging as each child had at least one adult telling them where to put their stuff and how to rack their bike, however it was quickly done and the necessary items were laid out in order.

Once the children were in starting order, the swim started – Mya starting 6th and holding her own in the pool.   Out into transition and she decided that none of the necessary items were necessary at all, setting off sockless, gloveless and no shorts!   The older and faster kids raced past on their road bikes, knocking out a good pace on the fast course.  Mya transitioned well though and was out on the run in her swimming cossie – elite athlete style!   A 2 lap run course on the grass soaked up any energy that was left in the legs, but 2 young lads provided a spectacular sprint finish and every kid was digging deep with no slackers – great to see.   Mya came round to the end and put a good finish in – making a great day and a proud dad.

Having been to many triathlon events,  I felt that Gr8events got this one spot on.  The kids were organised well by friendly marshals in the pool and cheered on by everyone on the well thought out course – no one going the wrong way here!   The race brief was good and kids could ask questions and have them answered.    It certainly felt like a fantastic race that catered well for those who were in it to win it and those who were in it to finish it.

Will she do another?   yes!

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