Newbiggin 2012. The last race and the bespoke fingers



After last years hurricane powered sandblaster,  it had to be better conditions – I set myself 3 targets:  beat Mick n Pro, finish 6+mins faster than last year and run 4:12 pace.   The day started very relaxed, up early and whereas Im usually mega early, I turned up last out of our bunch – Mark Head couldn’t believe it.  If there’s one thing that is consistent with Triathlon its the toilet situation  – massive queues and closed toilets!  I took the stroll along the beach in my wetsuit option.  With warm urine inflating my second skin, I took in the near perfect conditions with 2 sighs of relief.

I swam to the start, the water was fine – no excuses for bottling the swim I thought, and remembered how last year this was my first one and I swam to survive.   I felt the swim go quite well, I wasn’t too exhausted but not in the comfort zone either.

The transition was so much better than last years 3.5 min debacle and I was away on the bike far happier.  People passed me on the bike more than usual, this could mean 2 things – I was higher than usual by having a good swim or I was having a crap bike,  my garmin said I was going at a good pace so I cracked on with it.   I lost more places in the headwind up the bank but I was still on to beat my time easy – or even by 10-12 mins I thought.

Target 3 just never came,  I ran 4:08 pace until I hit the bank and the legs just couldn’t keep it up.  I did get back a fair amount of places lost on the bike, but turning the dirt track for the second time I was running 4:20!    I did get a glimpse of Pro’s stealth like black tri suit and the Wiggins hairstyle – I was well ahead so Target 1 was on, but where was Mick?

Mya high fived me at the finish and Joanne congratulated my effort.  It seemed everyone had a slowish run  on what wasnt the hardest course.   All was good, taking advantage of the freebes from Vo2,  and then Mick came in  with his hand looking like a butchers bin.  He had caught his hand in the spokes and this was serious – off the hand clinic.   By the time we all met for end of season drinks he was fine and once again prayed for an injury free “Next Year”

It was great to see everyone at the end – all appeared to have enjoyed the race and indeed the season for whatever differing reasons – well done!!!

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