Defecation, Dedication and Northumberland Tri


Its always a gamble how you prepare for a Triathlon, after catching a stomach bug last weekend I opted to train really lightly thereafter as ropey at best and producing more methane than a heard of cows at a chili eating contest.  Feeling a little unprepared, myself and my blazing saddle were itching to go on race day, trumpeting enthusiasm to the world at 4:30 am.

10-4 rubber duck. Our convoy, well Paddy, Lindsay, Joanne n me, left at 6am and in plenty time to get sorted.  The poo queue was enough to put anyone off, but as the man next to me pointed out “Its never enough to just go once at home, its always followed by a pre race one that lurks behind until you register”

There was 2 races – sprint and standard, we started first in the standard followed by the sprint.   The water was tepid and brown like the cup of tea you left too long,  but still pleasurable – we were off!   I may have set off a little fast and found myself breathing out of rhythm.  I wasn’t feeling it at all until near the end id caught up with some of the sprint swimmers, I couldn’t have been that slow?

In order to get video on the bike and run, I put the velcro  camera on my belt no problem and set off, however when I turned it on – it ended up in my hand!  I tucked it in my pocket and forgot it.  The course was fast and straight with no way of getting lost – just my thing!  A headwind one way lead to me riding around 22kph one way and up to 50kph the other, during which – the camera came out and died with the other road kill.

Being a lapped course, you could see exactly where you were in the race.  Mark Head was well ahead as he waved.  Paddy was not far behind me.  Compared to recent races Paddy was playing out of his skin here.  Now im never going to win anything, but im also not a “Im just enjoying it” person either.  I  knew I would have to run into pain, or watch Paddy go past me.

I did hold him off on the run and made up a couple of places too.  I looked at  my results and was ecstatic to do a 30 min swim, 1:12 was a fast cycle for me and the run maybe suffered a little for it at 48:21.   Mark Head had come 11th with Chris Wright just behind him in 12th – excellent sun city results.  Leigh Proctor was happy to complete his first standard, well done.   No cramp held Paddy back today, who crushed his previous race time a class act finding form, although his secret is out – wearing magical Sinbad velvet pants is maybe just the ticket for recovery and performance.

The sprint lads had been in some time cheering us on after their own efforts, and what an effort it was Sean Lavender taking 3rd place and Michael Lavender taking 1st – both in the senior category.  Michael getting the 2nd fastest bike split overall.  It was great seeing them up on the podium.



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