Cleveland Short (I beg to differ) course


This year I set myself a few targets – one was to complete a Standard or Olympic distance triathlon.   I did feel that Cleveland was a little early in the season but it was also a popular event and had plenty mates entering, so I entered.   I trained well for the early season sprints and now had to up the distance in little time.  A few good bike to run sets and I was fine with that, but the swim was always going to be difficult.  Without ever doing the full distance in training, I found myself in deep water.

Paul n Katrina were with me at the start, and this felt familiar and therefore good.  The race started and at least this time, I was in the water.  Unlike any water animal, the random paths of humans began.  How can so many people take a different line from A to B, leading to crossing and climbing over each other?  At the midway buoy I could see I was around mid table and swam the next lap very happy to hold that position.  Yes the mile was long, but with allot more to concentrate on than that “black line”.

Out on the bike I dried off quick and made some ground up.  Unlike the 20k sprints there’s  so much time to notice the race.   I really enjoyed the cat n mouse racing between myself and around 4 riders, as we would attack pass and then get dropped as the next rider found their legs.

My cat n mouse game on the bike had resulted in me the “Tom” and others being the “Jerry” as I came into transition behind them.   I did manage to pick them off with a good run by my standards – through the ankle breaking puddles and paths out n back.   Coming the other way were the top athletes, and amongst the top 30 were some of our lot – we all managed to find some breath to acknowledge each others achievements and I was soon at the turn point.

Towards the end I found a little bit left to up the pace and finished feeling like Id give it 100%   speaking of finish, it was great to be joined by my daughter Mya for the last 100 yards!   It was great that Joanne and Mya had kept a count and gave people positions as they came in,  some great results considering how strong the field was and that for allot of us, this distance was not the norm.


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