Keswick Triathlon May 20th 2012

It was a year ago when myself and Dave climbed brown slabs arete at Shepard’s Crag in Borrowdale,  the following day we pledged that we would complete Keswick Triathlon in 2012.   Today was that day.

Almost every time I have planned to climb in the lakes, the weather gradually gets worse along the A66 until we reach the perma damp Lake District.  Not this time, as Charlie said “You could tell we had brought no climbing gear”   As the sun sparkled down and warmed the land.

After watching Chelsea win the champions league, I was soon asleep – happy that preparation had gone well.   We all met the next day either in transition or around the briefing, and shared our pre race nerves like men do – high fiveing, taking the pee and kicking each other!

The hooter went and I was glad to be in line with the buoy on my first sight – I seemed to be in with a large pack as we went round the buoy and took a good slap on the back and elbow to the head!  a couple of splutters and I was fine – soon in the draft of a similar speed swimmer.   Just as I was thinking of having a look, my hand hit ground and silt hit my face – I was there.

Transition went well and I was out on the bike.  Being a slower swimmer, this was time to get some positions back, the bank up to the A66 provided this nicely.  The ride was so pleasant, there were times I had to remind myself it was a race.  Belting back through Borrowdale, under the high crags we climbed last year, was a high point.  Changing places almost peleton style, with 2 girls seemed to urge the pace.  One of them shouted at a rider walking his bike as we flashed past.  Then it registered, that the rider was Micky Lavender – Nooo!

After the longest journey to transition, I went out on the run.  A complicated cross country affair that got a little confused with another marked run route.   I ran with 2 lads from Lakeland Tri club – hoping they knew the way.   The finish line eventually came and I gave Joanne the thumbs up, wiped the spit off my face and took a look at my foot.  I did go head over heels on my way to T1  by tripping on a rock, but it hadn’t bothered me until now.  St Johns had to give it a clean and stick on a plaster as it started to swell.

As we re gathered at the finish it was clear that myself, Leigh, Paddy and Dave were all happy with ourselves and had enjoyed the race.  Unfortunately this was not the case for Mark Head – who ran a longer course.  A competitor did vouch for his case, stating Mark had been well in front of him.  Micky was victim to a flat tyre.  Both were in contention for medals and both had endured rotten luck.  Their grumpy faces didn’t last long, good for them.

After all that – a  night out in Keswick was had by myself, Mark, Joanne and Sarah.   A chilled evening quickly turned to a night of cutting moves, beakdancing, piggybacks and Mr Soft – Job Done!


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