Early May Events!

Early May brought some great events  – Sunday the 6th was the marathon of the north.   A sunny day brought the crowds out to cheer on the runners as they took to the streets for the first ever Marathon.   The winding route undulated from coast, through town, country and back to where it all started,  the Stadium of Light.   As you can see in the video there were some great efforts and for my sister, who im sure would not mind me stating she’s not a natural athlete, an achievement I never thought she would do.   I couldn’t believe that after 5hrs 38mins she appeared to be in good humour and pleasantly joined hands to rally the girls to the line – well done!

Ashington  triathlon on the 7th was also good conditions, to the contrary of prediction.   Mark Head knocked out a cracking time, 1:04  – im sure it would be 1:05 had he not bought that aero helmet.   I hit my target 1:14 and pro (Leigh) did extremely well to come close behind, in his first event.   The best thing for me was that it looked like our training had been put into practice – no 4 min transitions or going off course like the first one last year!   here’s the vid

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