April – how wet can you get?

April showers?  if France had the same as us, im so pleased I didn’t visit Font at this time of year.  As buses ironically roam the land with “Drought warnings” on the sides, the North East was in deluge.   So little in the way of climbing, although Angela did get up the Barrel at Sunderland – well done!

I myself have to say, im less motivated to climb than ever before.  I can break this down into 3 main reasons :  1 – Cost   – gone are the days of a cheap day out to Shaftoe now that petrol prices are an all time high.   2 – Weather  – although March was great!  climbing is so dependent on weather im less inclined to take the risk.  3 –  Time – Triathlon training takes up a bit of it and therefore something has to go!  However really its the combination of these things for instance,  I can bike, run and open water swim  at no cost – Seaburn lending itself more to the sport than it does to climbing!  That said my aim is to catch that September / October weather should it repeat last year, and get some good days in.

Late April / May is busy and the races start – Dave in the Durham Duathlon,  Julie doubles the distance of last year in this years Marathon,  Im in Ashington Tri  and then…….We hopefully achieve what we set ourselves last year – the Keswick Tri at the mountain festival.  Yes that was a nearly year ago!!!

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