March 2012 Hill Hunter

March 2012

Well the fantastic weather, didn’t lead to fantastic climbing!  however I was pleased to get out and about on the bike and get my first outdoor swim done.   It has to be said that the swim was cold, like boxing day cold!  couldn’t get my face in for any more than 10 strokes or so, and it was a bit of a wake up call as to how it feels in open water.  With no side gutters, lanes or lifeguards the sea  freaks me out!

The “hill hunter” ride in the vid – was indeed “hilly”   4 huge hills, somewhere around consett etc  and back.  Im not one for huge fast downhills so I made my excuse of catching some video and brought up the rear.  Who can blame me when Mick Rich is travelling at 62kph balancing on 2 strips of rubber, the size of half a finger!

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One Response to March 2012 Hill Hunter

  1. Paddy the piriton peloton says:

    What a class day had by all.. Horrific climbs awesome downhills great company. Doesn’t get nee better.

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