26 February, 2012 20:59

Hello blog readers. We are back as I know you have missed us…

Anyway, with the end of a long winter fast approaching I thought it was best to get some climbing in at the indoor wall and therefore on a recent trip to Sunderland wall I noticed that the huge barrel shaped wall had an F6a graded climb which looked a possible.

When I first started climbing my one ambition was to do the big barrel wall at Sunderland but I never thought I would be able to do it. Obviously I developed other targets and ambitions since I discovered that I could also climb on real rock outside but years and years have passed without me ever being able to climb the barrel.

Well, on 23rd February 2012 Angela and I headed to Sunderland wall and after a few warm up climbs I unfurled my rope which hadn’t seen action since Spain and started my barrel climb. It was a tough start but I got to the top without any problem. Angela got halfway on the second but she has now added it to her project list and I reckon she will get it soon as she was showing some really good form (and her climbing wasn’t bad either).

Hopefully this will be the first of many climbing achievements this year as I still need to tick an E1 and a 7a at Shaftoe.

What’s everyone else’s targets?

Dave x

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