August 2011 Samoens bouldering

After the weather, shifts, fitness and all the other excuses it was very nice to get out on rock again.  The fact I was bouldering in the Mountains of Chamonix made it all the more pleasurable.   A drive to the Swiss border and a small scattering of boulders made up a very interesting area.  I actually only stayed around 1 rock, but this was easy enough as it provided a shed load of quality problems.

The immediate line had to be the arete, from a low pocket in the centre of the overhang.  Straight away I got on it, and got spanked!  a few easier problems later and a little intro to the rock, I got it!  6B I was informed by the sensible lad with a guide n mat!   felt harder like, but hey Im happy wit that!

There were many impressive highball, easy routes and the local ladies made short work of em – I have to say I bottled it, no mat and a gypy knee take the blame!

Back home there’s been   the usual trips to Shaftoe,  and im sure Dave will get his 7A if he sticks in.  Colder weather means better friction,  but he’s not keen on cold rock – Dig deep mate!

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