Costa Blanca feb2010

My youtube poem says it all, 5 lads all away in spain with as much alcohol and perfect limestone, as one can handle.  To sum up the climbing I was really pleased that we did get our first multi-pitch climbing done.  Not quite the mountain experience, but we have progressed so far.  I felt a little disheartened, but at the same time sure that our decision not to do the huge climb on the paired negra, was the right one.  The logistics or climbing in a 3 and the difficulty / danger in just starting the climb did not warrant the risk.  More research needed for that type of thing next time.

3 great crags and 3 great experiences

1/ Marin – the best place to start multi-pitching.  On day 1 we got up “Jhonny” and later that week did “Prats”  both – not too hard climbing wise, but the sense of exposure and the technical demands made this very enjoyable in a different way.

2/ Orihuela – Sharp, balancy  routes – the best being “Carmen” 5 and “Via nueva”5   all very close together for a nice easy day until…….   “Gusano”6a+  given I was onsighting 6a, I thought id go for it.  Id just like to thank Dave for catching the largest fall of my life yet,  just about to clip the rope and F*************……ck  wow! il not forget that one, or the immense effort to dog up the rest!

3/ Forada – Redpoint (ish)   my story is that im counting my ascent of “Mama ukri”  as a redpoint, although I did not return fully to the ground after practising the crux – but my belayer / partener was clearly cold and wanted to leave.  Ok ok il get it clean next time!!!

This really is just the brief synopsis of what was the best climbing experience iv had so far.  Just watching the lads climb so well, and the whole team effort that went into the week was a phenomenal life experience.

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